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Why Ships Float
The Beginning
Boat Basics
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Early Maritime History

How do boats or ships carrying hundreds of pounds of goods float, while those same goods would sink to the bottom of the sea if they were dropped off the ship? The Principles of Buoyancy and Density help explain why certain things float while others do not. This website attempts explain Buoyancy and Density, provide the history of these concepts, and offer tips and experiments to help one understand floatation. Click on the links on the left in order to begin your journey of discovery.

This website was designed by Faith-Ann Young, for a Barnard College History Seminar, entitled Early Maritime History. This Course is taught by Professor McCaughey, aka the Captain, and contains 16 students, aka mates.  While this is Faith-Ann's first website (and her first virtual programming publication), there will be more to follow, so keep on the look-out!

More information about Early Maritime History Seminar, Barnard College, and Columbia University, is available at the links below:
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Boyancy and Density

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